Superman Kal, The Earth Stealers, The Superman Gallery Comics #1

Superman Kal, The Earth Stealers, The Superman Gallery Comics #1

Superman Kal, The Earth Stealers, The Superman Gallery Comics #1

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Basic Information

Published March 1995

Conditions, all 3 are very good plus to excellent.

Comic Age Modern

Cover Price 5.95, 2.95, 2.50

UPC 761941203669-00111



Dave Gibbons

Artist Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez


Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez


Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez


Todd Klein


Digital Chameleon


Chris Duffy


Stories may contain spoilers

 Superman: Kal 

This is a story told by Master Ollson, to a yound apprentice, about his friend Kal.

Baby Kal crashes onto a medieval earth instead of the 20th Century. Found by farmer, John and his barren wife Martha, who raises him as their own child. As Kal grows up he is apprenticed to a Smithy named Ollson, whose son Jaime, forms a lifelong bond with Kal. Kal becomes the local hero when he enters into a Midsummer tournament, given by The evil Lord Baron Luthor. Baron Luther gained his title by murdering the Lord protector of the town Lord Lyne, and now hold Lord Lyne's daughter Loisse captive, in hopes that she will marry him.

When Kal sees Loisse for the first time falls in love with her, and wins the tournament in her honor much to the chagrin of Luthor. As Kal goes to receive his honor for winning, he and Loisse meet and the moment they look into each other's eyes, they fall in love.

Meanwhile, Luthor on a hunting party comes across the ship which brought Kal to Earth, and decides to have a suit of armour made from it. He takes it to Smitty Ollson. who of course cannot dent the medal, but Kal using his heat vision is able to heat it and the armour is made. After making the armour, Luthor asks Kal what he wants in payment, Kal responds by asking for Loisse's hand in marriage. Luthor gets angry and as he approaches Kal the star gem medallion weakens Kal, but neither understand the weakness is caused by the gem. Luthor against his will allows the marriage between Kal and the Lady Loisse to happen, but now hates Kal for it. On the night of the wedding feast, Luthor, comes and once again the medallion he wears weakens Kal, and beats him unconscious, and then kidnaps Loisse. Luthor, rapes and beats Loisse to death, and his her body thrown into the moat.

Upon regaining consciousness, hears of Loisse's brutal death takes a sword which he had forged from the remaining metal of the starship, and makes his way to Luthors fortress.

In the final battle between Luthor, wearing the armor forged by Kal, the star gem medallion, weakens Kal as before and once again Luthor is able to battle Kal to almost defeat him. But in their final battle weary embrace, luthor stabs Kal with the gem, and Kal; impales Luthor with his sword, piercing his black heart. Jaime, finds the two still in their final embrace, takes up Kal, who was still alive, but dying from the star gem wound, back to the smithy. His last request is to have his body placed into the moat to rest forever by his lady love.

The story ends with Jaime telling his young apprentice, "if you work hard, and study long. Then like noble Kal your name too may pass into legend young Merlin"

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