About Us

 Deal Changer's response to the Supply Chain issue

**We only sell what we have**

Weekly DealsA new Weekly Deal launches at 12am EST every day.  You have 7 days to purchase each product while supplies last on its day.  Pricing will usually be less than MSRP. 
When every product goes live, it will always be on sale for exactly 7 days.
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All Categories:  Each Category and sub-category of items will be listed at a regular competitive retail price based on Deal Changer & Vendor’s availability.

Going Going Gone! - When live, a product goes on Special.  Once sold out, that product disappears & the next goes live!  Our GGG products will keep auto listing after the last until completely sold out!  First come first serve.

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Business & Industrial Lots: 
Industrial HVAC, Electrical & Commercial products offering various lots of New, Surplus & pre-owned items.  They range from IT, equipment, indoor/outdoor HVAC units, Electrical, Motors, Compressors, Pumps, Thermostats, PLC, Parts, etc...at a discount.  Availability is limited.
Consumer & Small Business Lots: 
Household & Small Business products from all Categories.  If we have a quantity of a particular item, usually we will offer it at a discount if purchased in bulk.  We will also publish any products where applicable.  


Closeouts:  First Come, First Serve. Everything here over 50% off MSRP! 

We are located in Long island, NY and have clients throughout the country.

Affiliate program:  Receive your own promo code and we will pay you each time it is used..  

If you have merchandise to sell, or would like to network us to a vendor, we will pay commission.

Please contact us for further information.