Rino Li Causi: Wall Art - Summer in New York

Rino Li Causi: Wall Art - Summer in New York - Deal Changer
Rino Li Causi: Wall Art - Summer in New York - Deal Changer

Rino Li Causi: Wall Art - Summer in New York

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Rino Li Causi was born in Marsala Sicily in
1943. In 1960 he moved to Rome and began his artistic career under the influence of friends who were already established artists. In 1962 he moved to Florence where he developed and refined his personal style. In 1969 he moved to Greenwich Village in New York City and began to successfully capture the essence of his emotional inspirations on canvas.
Li Causi's paintings have been exhibited and
enthusiastically received in major galleries throughout the world including one man shows in Tokyo, Florence, Rome, New York and Nice France.

Li Causi's paintings are infused with his "Rainbow
Palette" of explosive colors. His whimsical imagination and childlike fantasy are ever present in his work. His cityscapes redefine the way we see New York. The skyline is unmistakable, but re-envisioned with his vibrant colors to create a new city of fantasy and timelessness.  The past is
ever present in Li Causi's work, challenging us to
comprehend the complexity and accomplishment of our modem day world. It beckons us to remember our journey to the present with both pride and nostalgia.
Li Causa also creates sculptures, poems' songs and a line of greeting cards featuring his most iconic images.  He is a true Renaissance Man.

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