Fine Art Zamia Lindenii Painting

Fine Art Zamia Lindenii Painting - Deal Changer
Fine Art Zamia Lindenii Painting - Deal Changer

Fine Art Zamia Lindenii Painting

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Zamia lindenii is known from the coastal
plains and foothills of the Cordillera

Occidental in Ecuador and possibly
in extreme southwestern Colombia,

whereas Z. poeppigiana is endemic to
Peru. The two species are geographically
and genetically isolated by the Andes.

Recently collected fertile material of Z.
poeppigiana from Amazonian Peru and Z.
lindenii from Ecuador shows that some
morphological differences exist between

the two. The fl attened, oblong seed shape
of Z. poeppigiana is only shared within
Zamia by one other unrelated species, Z.
encephalartoides D.W. Stev. The seeds of
Z. lindenii are rounded and oval in shape,
as are those of all other known species

of Zamia. Ovulate strobili are pendant
in Z. lindenii but not so in Peruvian Z.
poeppigiana, and Peruvian material
shows overall shorter pinnae length and
stiffness compared to the long, often
lax and drooping habit of Ecuadorian

plants. Therefore, I consider Z. lindenii
and Z. poeppigiana specifi cally distinct,
but closely related and fairly recently
evolved, being geographically separated
by the high Andes.

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