Toshiba Intel Core 2 Duo 2.26GHz Laptop 4GB 160GB 14" DVDRW Vista SDCard Webcam

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This laptop came from an office that is no longer using this system.  It is fully functional tested and Windows Vista for Business Pro has been installed with basic drivers and ready for use.

 The hard drive is 160GB and the system has 4 GB of RAM.  There is a battery installed that holds a charge but the duration is unknown.  With the laptop, you will be 1 AC Charging adapter.

  Cosmetically, there are very few scratches and marks you can see from the pictures.  On the lid, you will see some light scratches and or marks.  All of the Keys inside the laptop are clean and in tact.  The left mouse button works but the touch feel is slightly loose.  The screen is free of any dead pixels.