Daiken 50 ton Gas Rooftop units

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Unit Specs:


Unit Tag Maverick II
Unit Overview
Model Number Voltage Design Cooling
AHRI 360 Standard
MPS050F 460/60/3 601518 Btu/hr 10.2 13 2013 Compliant
Model Number: MPS050F
Model Type: Cooling, Standard Efficiency
Heat Type: Natural gas heat
Hot Gas Reheat: Hot Gas Reheat
Application: Variable volume, w/ VFD, Duct Pressure Control
Altitude: 0 ft
Approval cETLus
Unit Dimensions and Weights
Unit Length Unit Height Unit Width Unit Weight
245.5 in 73.2 in 97.5 in 5385 lb
Unit Construction
Exterior: Pre-painted Galvanized Steel Doors: Fan, Filter, Control Panel, and Gas Heat
Insulation: R‐value of 4.0 Drain Pan Material Stainless Steel
Liners: Double wall construction
Unit Electrical Data
460/60/3 V 10 kAIC 113.3 A 125A
Return/Outside/Exhaust Air
Outside Air Option
Type Damper Damper Pressure Drop Leakage Rate
None None 0.00 inH2O None
Draw Through Filters
Efficiency Quantity/Size Face Area ft2 Face Velocity ft/min Air Pressure Drop inH2O
30% MERV 8 8 / 24 in x 24 in x 2 in, 4
/ 18 in x 24 in x 2 in 44.0 455 0.24
Technical Data Sheet for Maverick II

Cooling Coil
Fins per Inch Rows Face Area
Face Velocity
Air Pressure drop
12 4 35.7 560 0.63
Cooling Performance
Total Capacity
Sensible Capacity
Entering Air Temperature Leaving Air Temperature Ambient Air Temp
Dry Bulb °F
Wet Bulb
Dry Bulb
Wet Bulb
601518 395998 80.0 70.0 61.9 61.2 95.0
Hot Gas Reheat Coil Section
Type Face Area Air Pressure Drop Total Capacity Entering DB Leaving DB
Aluminum Tube
Micro‐channel 26.8 ft2 0.16 inH2O 292440 Btu/hr 61.5 °F 75.0 °F
Control Type: Modulating Control
Fan Section
Type Fan Wheel Diameter Vibration Isolation
AF SWSI 30 in 1 inch spring, seismic
Fan Performance
Air Flow Total Static Pressure Fan Speed Brake Horsepower Altitude
20000 CFM 2.81 inH2O 1517 RPM 15.8 HP 0 ft
Horsepower Type Efficiency Full Load Current
20 HP Open drip proof, Premium
efficiency 93.0 24.0 A
Type Service Factor
Belt Drive 120%
Gas Heat Section
Type Material Gas Type Ignition Combustion Blower Heat Stages
Tubular Heat
exchanger with in‐shot burner manifold
Stainless steel Natural Gas Electric Induced draft
blower Modulating
Heating Performance
Input Size Total Capacity Steady State Efficiency Entering Air Dry Bulb Leaving Air Dry Bulb
400 MBH Input/320
MBH Output 320000 Btu/hr 81% 70.0 °F 84.7 °F