Genuine HP 19.5V 3.33A 65w PPP009D AC Power Adapter

Genuine HP 19.5V 3.33A 65w PPP009D AC Power Adapter - Deal Changer

Genuine HP 19.5V 3.33A 65w PPP009D AC Power Adapter

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Genuine HP EliteBook Envy Pavilion Presario ProBook Thin Client TouchSmart ZBook Series 65W 19.5V 3.33A 3-Prong Smart AC Power Adapter PPP009D 756413-003.

Model Number: PPP009D
HP Part Number:
HP Spare Part Number: 693711-001
Delta Electronics Part Number: ADP-65HB HC

Compatible Models:
HP Tablet PC TC4400
HP Mini 430 5101
HP Pavilion 14 Notebook
HP Pavilion 2000 Notebook
HP Spectre XT PRO
HP 1000 Notebook Series: 1000-1110LA 1000-1320TU 1000-1407LA
HP 2000 Notebook Series: 2000 2000-102TU 2000-2A01XX 2000-2A09CA 2000-2A10NR 2000-2A18DX 2000-2A20NR 2000-2A38DX 2000-2A48DX 2000-2A58DX 2000-2B09CA 2000-2B09WM 2000-2B10CA 2000-2B10NR 2000-2B16NR 2000-2B19CA 2000-2B19WM 2000-2B20CA 2000-2B20NR 2000-2B22DX 2000-2B23DX 2000-2B24NR 2000-2B27NR 2000-2B28CA 2000-2B29CA 2000-2B29NR 2000-2B29WM 2000-2B49WM 2000-2B53CA 2000-2B59WM 2000-2B80DX 2000-2B89WM 2000-2C10NR 2000-2C20DX 2000-2C40CA 2000-2D09CA 2000-2D11DX 2000-2D13CA 2000-2D20CA 2000-2D22DX 2000-2D24DX 2000-2D25DX 2000-2D27CL 2000-2D29DX 2000-2D30DX 2000-2D31DX 2000-2D34NR 2000-2D39NR 2000-2D39WM 2000-2D62NR 2000-2D63NR 2000-2D64NR 2000-2D65NR 2000-2D68NR 2000-2D70DX 2000-2D71NR 2000-2D79NR 2000-2D80DX 2000-2D80NR 2000-2D81DX 2000-2D99NR 2000-410US 2000-417NR 2000-420CA 2000-430CA 2000-450CA 2000-BF60CA 2000-BF69WM 2000T-2A00 2000T-2B00 2000T-2C00 2000T-2D00 2000Z-2A00 2000Z-2B00 2000Z-2C00 2000Z-2D00
HP 200 300 400 600 Notebook Series: 240 245 250 G1 255 310 G2 3105M 3125 326 431 450 455 630 631 650 655
Thin Client Series: 4410T 6360T MT41 MT42
Business Notebook Series: 6530B NC6120 NC6400 NX6310 DF NX6315 NX6325 FF NX8420
EliteBook Notebook Workstation Series: 1020 G1 2170P 2560P 2570P 2760P Tablet 725 G3 740 G1 750 G1 820 G1 820 G2 820 G3 840 G1 840 G2 840 G3 8460B 8460P 8460W 8470P 8470W 850 G1 850 G2 8570P 9480M Folio 1040 G2 Folio 1040 G3 Folio 9470M Folio 9480 Folio 9480M
Envy M6 Series: 
M6-1105DX M6-1125DX
Pavilion DM1 DM4 DV4 DV5 DV6 DV7 G4 G6 G7 M4 M6 Series: 
DM1-3000AU DM1-3001AU DM1-3002AU DM1-3003AU DM1-3004AU DM1-3005XX DM1-3010NR DM1-3011NR DM1-3060LA DM1-3070LA DM1-3080LA DM1-3090LA DM1-3210US DM1-3265LA DM1-4001XX DM1-4013NR DM1-4013TU DM1-4030BR DM1-4150LA DM1-4160CA DM1-4170US DM1-4190CA DM1-4210US DM1-4211NR DM1-4263CA DM1-4270LA DM1-4310NR DM1-4406AU DM1Z-4300 DM4 DM4-1003XX DM4-1008TU DM4-1010TU DM4-1050CA DM4-1062NR DM4-1065DX DM4-1090LA DM4-1103TU DM4-1150CA DM4-1160US DM4-1162US DM4-1165DX DM4-1280LA DM4-2033CL DM4-2050US DM4-2053CA DM4-2070US DM4-3000TU DM4-3001TU DM4-3050US DM4-3085LA DM4-3090SE DM4-3099SE DM4-3180LA DM4-3182LA DV3-1100 DV3-1200 DV3-2000 DV3-2100 DV4 DV4-1028US DV4-1300 DV4-1400 DV4-2000 DV4-2100 DV4-4001XX DV4-4030US DV4-4262LA DV4-4265LA DV4-4266LA DV4-5060LA DV4-5164LA DV4-5213CL DV4-5218ET DV4-5220US DV4T-5100 DV5-1235DX DV5-1300 DV5-2003XX DV5-2008CA DV5-2028CA DV5-2032LA DV5-2034LA DV5-2035DX DV5-2035LA DV5-2037LA DV5-2038LA DV5-2040BR DV5-2040CA DV5-2043LA DV5-2045LA DV5-2046LA DV5-2047CA DV5-2048LA DV5-2050BR DV5-2050CA DV5-2051XX DV5-2052XX DV5-2060BR DV5-2070US DV5-2072NR DV5-2073NR DV5-2074DX DV5-2080BR DV5-2112BR DV5-2114BR DV5-2115BR DV5-2130US DV5-2135DX DV5-2155DX DV5-2231BR DV5-2231LA DV5-2232LA DV5-2234BR DV5-2234LA DV5-2235LA DV5-2236LA DV5-2239LA DV5-2240LA DV5-2241LA DV5-2244LA DV5-2246LA DV5-2247LA DV6 DV6- DV6-1100 DV6-1200 DV6-1400 DV6-2000 DV6-2300 DV6-3037SB DV6-3108CA DV6-3110TU DV6-3111TU DV6-3114TU DV6-3115TU DV6-3120US DV6-3129NR DV6-3138CA DV6-3145DX DV6-3150US DV6-3227CL DV6-3257CL DV6-3264CA DV6-6013CL DV6-6108US DV6-6120US DV6-6128NR DV6-6B19WM DV6-6B21HE DV6-6B26US DV6-6C01TU DV6-6C10US DV6-6C23NR DV6-6C35DX DV6-6C40US DV6-6C48US DV6-6C50US DV6-6C54NR DV6-7010US DV6-7013CL DV6-7020US DV6-7029WM DV6-7043CL DV6-7202TU DV6-7211NR DV6-7213NR DV6-7220US DV6-7223NR DV6-7226NR DV6-7229WM DV6-7245US DV6T-7300 DV7-2000 DV7-2200 DV7-4061NR DV7-4065DX DV7-4074CA DV7-4078CA DV7-4080US DV7-4090CA DV7-4127CA DV7-4148CA DV7-4165DX DV7-6B56NR DV7-6B57NR DV7-6C00 DV7-6C20US DV7-6C67NR DV7-7010US DV7-7020US DV7-7023CL DV7-7115NR DV7-7227CL DV7-7233NR DV7-7255DX DV7-7333CL DV7T-6000 DV7T-6100 DV7T-6B00 DV7T-7000 G4-1051XX G4-1104DX G4-1135BR G4-1140BR G4-1165BR G4-1168LA G4-1177LA G4-1178LA G4-1195LA G4-1210AX G4-1229DX G4-1315DX G4-1318DX G4-1357LA G4-1361LA G4-1365BR G4-1386LA G4-1388LA G4-1400LA G4-2051XX G4-2060LA G4-2063LA G4-2080LA G4-2162LA G4-2165LA G4-2169SE G4-2185LA G4-2204LA G4-2214BR G4-2216BR G4-2217BR G4-2218BR G4-2219BR G4-2235DX G4-2264LA G4-2275DX G4-2304LA G4-2320DX G42-165LA G42-221BR G42-301NR G4T-1000 G4T-1100 G6 G6-1020TU G6-1112TU G6-1180SA G6-1A01 G6-1B33CA G6-1B53CA G6-1B59CA G6-1B70US G6-1C00 G6-1C35DX G6-1C36HE G6-1C43NR G6-1C44WM G6-1C54WM G6-1D21DX G6-1D50CA G6-1D60CA G6-1D60US G6-1D70CA G6-1D70US G6-1D73US G6-1D77NR G6-1D80NR G6-2003TU G6-2010NR G6-2031NR G6-2035NR G6-2037NR G6-2040CA G6-2050CA G6-2058CA G6-2068CA G6-2106NR G6-2120NR G6-2138DX G6-2148DX G6-2208CA G6-2210US G6-2211NR G6-2213NR G6-2216NR G6-2217CL G6-2218NR G6-2219NR G6-2223NR G6-2224NR G6-2225NR G6-2226NR G6-2228CA G6-2228DX G6-2228NR G6-2230 G6-2231NR G6-2233CA G6-2233NR G6-2234NR G6-2235CA G6-2235US G6-2237CL G6-2237NR G6-2237US G6-2238DX G6-2239DX G6-2240CA G6-2240NR G6-2241NR G6-2243CL G6-2244CA G6-2244NR G6-2248CA G6-2249WM G6-2253CA G6-2253NR G6-2254CA G6-2259CA G6-2260HE G6-2264CA G6-2268CA G6-2269CA G6-2269WM G6-2270DX G6-2278DX G6-2279WM G6-2288CA G6-2291NR G6-2292NR G6-2293CA G6-2293NR G6-2294NR G6-2295NR G6-2296NR G6-2297NR G6-2298NR G6-2319NR G6-2320DX G6-2323DX G6-2330DX G6-2339NR G6-2342DX G6-2346NR G6-2361NR G6-2391NR G6-2392NR G6-2395NR G6-2398NR G60-519WM G60-530US G60-535DX G61-632NR G62-223CL G6T-2000 G6T-2200 G6T-2300 G6Z-2200 G7-1033CL G7-1070US G7-1150US G7-1156NR G7-1222NR G7-1227NR G7-1273NR G7-1277DX G7-1310US G7-1314NR G7-1327DX G7-1330CA G7-1333CA G7-1338DX G7-1350DX G7-2010NR G7-2017US G7-2069WM G7-2124NR G7-2128DX G7-2138DX G7-2215DX G7-2217CL G7-2220 G7-2221NR G7-2222US G7-2223NR G7-2224NR G7-2226NR G7-2227NR G7-2233CL G7-2235DX G7-2238NR G7-2240 G7-2240DX G7-2240US G7-2243 G7-2243NR G7-2244NR G7-2246NR G7-2247US G7-2250NR G7-2251DX G7-2257NR G7-2259NR G7-2262NR G7-2269WM G7-2273CA G7-2275DX G7-2279WM G7-2281NR G7-2282NR G7-2283NR G7-2284NR G7-2285NR G7-2286NR G7-2287NR G7-2288NR G7-2289WM G7-2291NR G7-2292NR G7-2293NR G7-2294NR G7-2295NR G7-2296NR G7-2297NR G7-2298NR G7-2315NR G7-2320DX G7-2325DX G7-2341DX G7-2361NR G7-2373CA G72-B27CL G72-B60US G7Z-2100 G7Z-2200 M4-1002XX M4-1015DX M4-1150LA M6-1051XX M6T-1000
Presario Notebook Series: CQ40-301XX CQ56-201NR CQ56-219WM CQ57-218NR CQ57-229WM CQ58 CQ58-201TU
ProBook Notebook Series:
 4230S 4310S 4311S 4320S 4321S 4325S 4326S 4340S 4341S 440 G0 440 G1 440 G2 440 4410S 4410T 4411S 4415S 4420S 4421S 4425S 4430S 4431S 4435S 4436S 4440S 4441S 4445S 445 G2 445 450 G0 450 G1 450 G2 450 G4 450 4510S 4515S 4520S 4525S 4530S 4535S 4540S 4545S 455 G1 455 G2 455 G4 455 470 G2 470 G3 470 4720S 4730S 5220M 5310M 5320M 5330M 6360B 640 G1 640 6440B 645 G1 645 6450B 6460B 6470B 6475B 650 G1 650 6540B 655 G1 655 6550B 6555B 6560B 6570B MT41
TouchSmart TM2 Notebook Series: TM2-1000 TM2-1001XX TM2-1019TX TM2-1020TX TM2-2001TU TM2-2001TX TM2-2001XX TM2-2002TX TM2-2003TU TM2-2003TX TM2-2004TU TM2-2005TX TM2-2006TX TM2-2008TX TM2-2009TX TM2-2010TX TM2-2011TX TM2-2012TX TM2-2050CA TM2-2080LA TM2T-1000
ZBook Mobile Workstation Series: 14 G2 Mobile Workstation 14 Mobile Workstation 14U G4 Mobile Workstation 15 G2 Mobile Workstation 15 Mobile Workstation 15U (I5-5200U) Mobile Workstation 15U (I5-5300U) Mobile Workstation 15U (I7-5500U) Mobile Workstation 15U (I7-5600U) Mobile Workstation 15U G2 Mobile Workstation 15U G3 Mobile Workstation

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